Dance With Me

Dance With Me

This is a poem I wrote a while back in an attempt to portray the crazy love relationship our Lord has with us. I hope it ministers to your spirit!

Dance With Me

Outstretched, gentle – let me feel

Thy hand outstretched to mine.

Uncling my hands from other loves,

That Thine may intertwine.


Lord, be the arms that catch my all

And sweep me off my feet,

Oh, be the song that leads the rhythm

Where man and Maker meet.


Lord, catch my eyes, oh, lock my gaze,

Seduce my faithless heart

With eyes that burn with holy fire –

That burn my soul apart.


With gentle words, instruct my feet,

Lead them in step with Thine,

Come twirl me through Thy arms of grace,

As heart and soul keep time.


Dip me in Thy boundless love,

And sway me with Thy peace.

Lift me with Thy arms of joy,

Forbid the music cease.


Don’t ever turn Thy face away,

Forever steal my eyes,

You lock my heart – my spirit’s gaze,

And gently mesmerize.


I slowly melt, the world around

Me ripples, fades away,

As dreams I thought I’d never lose

All slip to yesterday.


You made it clear right from the start

The pain this waltz would bring.

Yet still You asked, and I said “yes”,

And to that “yes” I cling.


I’ll let You lead – and I will trust,

No matter what the cost.

Without Your rhyme and precious song

My spirit would be lost.


A smile tweaks my trembling lips,

Eternal joy abounds,

Such sweet freedom in surrender –

This God my mind confounds.


So hand in hand, we soar through life,

A romance so profound,

That none can stop this flow of Love,

Or make my feet touch ground.


Thy sweet words echo in my heart,

As I remember Thee,

And gazing in each others eyes,

You whisper – “Dance with Me.”




Autumn is so full of magic….here is my attempt to express it!


Colors of the dust and dirt,

Of blood and golden tears,

Adorn the worshippers –

Their wordless praise so clear.

A steppe of dew-struck jade,

Flecked thick with pearls and gold,

The shadows – haunting – dance,

Hypnotic-like, their hold.

A frantic sea above –

Grey, black, and white, they melt

To hide the diamond rays

That – though not seen – are felt.

A spell is cast – so strong

That common sense must flee,

Shake off the chains that bind,

And loose your sore heart free.