Nameless Names

We humans are so funny. We have this need to name things… And once it has a name, we are satisfied, even if that name explains nothing. The strange concept has been on my mind the last few days… So join me as I dive deep into some inward psychological musings. 

Think of how many diseases and sicknesses there are that doctors give fancy names to… I can’t tell you how many times someone will tell me the fancy title for their disease or sickness, but then when I ask follow-up questions, they admit that doctors don’t know why it happens or how to fix it.
So basically, they have come up with a fancy name for “I don’t know.” And yet somehow I get the sense that people feel better when it has a name. 

Even if that name means means nothing.

 It is a nameless name. 

Or think about animals… We say they have “instincts.” We all know what instincts are – the drive within an animal to do something very particular with their life, an impulse particular to their own breed/kind. But can we explain instincts? We say, “oh, they know how to do that because of their instinct.” 

But in reality, that explains nothing! Can we explain instinct? Instinct means “they just know.” 

But HOW do they just know?? 

From where does this instinct come?

Oh, why are we so blind?!

Animals’ instinct or “inexplicable knowingness” can only come because these animals have been PROGRAMMED – programmed by a much higher intelligence. 

Oh, why do we not see God in creation?? 

Creation screams the praise of its Maker! 

The evidence of our Creator is all around us, within us – if we will only open our eyes and SEE. 

You know… We are even sort of this way with God…we acknowledge His existence and say that yes, we exist because of God (well, some of us acknowledge this). God made us; God made everything. We are here because of God. 

But God is just the name – not a reason, not a definition, hardly an explanation. Who is this god? Do we know? Do we seek to know the reason, the definition, the explanation, the mystery – behind the name that we have given to what we can’t understand and can’t explain? Calling this inexplicable and mysterious Being “God” does not satisfy the mystery that is our Creator. It does not tell us who he is or what he does. It is just a name for Someone we cannot explain… it is just a tag, a reference for the incredible power, the invisible breath that holds all things of earth together.

 He is Spirit, He is Mystery, he is Life – He is much more than just a name. More than a word, than a reference, than a tag we use to identify what we do not know, don’t understand, and can’t explain. 

We have given the Inexplicable a name… but do we know the Person behind the name?

My name is Emily. That is my tag. That says nothing about me. You may know my name, but that doesn’t mean that you know me, who I am. “Emily” is simply a verbal tag to refer to the entity of me. But if you do not know me – who I am, what I am like -then my name is nameless to you. 

My name does not matter unless you know ME. 

Knowing God’s name serves us 


 unless we know the entity 


I will not be satisfied with nameless names. 

                        Will you?